Remix.Rewear.Restyle & Redress: Reconstruction

It’s Monday! You know the drill, on Monday I link up with Greater than Rubies. The challenge today is part of Redress {Reconstruction}. When I did a little research on this, I quickly realized I have nothing {not a thing} that I have reconstructed. Do I have a sewing machine {yes}, scissors {yes}, hot glue {yes}, various items with which I could experiment with {yes}. So what is my hang up? Creativity, courage and time to take on the challenge. And here’s why…

The month of April was extremely busy for me and I have thus been feeling a little wiped out. For me, that means I am not at my height of creativity but I am able to put a little spin on things. Today is my spin day!

Here’s my spin. My life is going under a little “reconstruction” of sorts. I just accepted a new position at a new place of employment. The reconstruction aspect has to do with my wardrobe, of course. For the last two and a half years at my current job {and two years before that job} I have basically worn denim and casual wear every day. For me, that has been a challenge. I enjoy getting dressed each morning in office attire/professional clothing. Now, I will have the opportunity to do that again. The “reconstruction” of my wardrobe, as you know began several months ago as I began to discover my style type and purge my closet of unnecessary clothing items. Now, I’m in the process of creating that classic wardrobe and will be able to dress the part five days each week. I am excited on so many levels!

You may remember that I am supposed to be on a no shopping sabbatical for clothing in 2014. But I have had a few buying opportunities with gift cards and reward dollars. On those excursions I have tried to stick to my style and purchase an item that fit into a capsule wardrobe. Well, I confess that I made a purchase outside the perimeters of gifts cards and reward dollars this weekend. I bought a black pencil skirt for my new job. Ironically, I have never owned a pencil skirt and I’m sure this is due to the fact that they fit snuggly on the body {body issues}. But there is nothing more versatile and classic than this type of skirt. Not feeling guilty but instead celebrating the blessings of a new job and a skirt that will be an important addition in my wardrobe for a loooooonng time. Hubby agreed it was a good choice and gave his blessing {of course he would}!

Styling it with a cream blouse, nude pumps and pearls. Is there anything more classic than this combo? {Oh, had to add a little red lipstick & aviators to complete the look}.

Pencil Skirt, Blouse, Pearls & Nude Pumps



Pencil Skirt, Blouse, Pearls & Nude Pumps

Pencil Skirts, Blouse, Pearls & Nude Pumps


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Stripes – Florals – Leopard Print & Co-Host

Last week the Spring Style Me Challenge hosted by Alison with Get Your Pretty On finished up. It was a great three weeks and I learned much that I am taking with me on my fashion journey. Today I’m highlighting a few items that were the most impactful to me as I remix my wardrobe. Hence the title of the post {stripes, florals and leopard print} have made their way into a prominent part of my wardrobe. I have discovered new ways to wear them and even wear them together. Who knew? Not me {yet again}! I’m just posting a few pictures of some little favorites that are easy go to outfits.

I also discovered multiple ways to wear those skinny jeans {that I now love} and boyfriend jeans {which I’m in like with at the moment}.

These are just a few of the ways I can wear those striped tees with jeans. I cannot imagine why I have gone for so long without having anything striped in my wardrobe. Stripes are very versatile and they add the pattern to a solid colored cardigan. Can I say {LOVE}!

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Today I’m also co-hosting with Kileen at Cute and Little. Have you been to her blog? If not, you are truly missing great style. She has fabulous taste and beautiful clothing. Her style is classic and elegant. I would totally wear any and every piece that I see on her blog. Check her out!

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cute and little fashion blog Color Brigade
cute and little fashion blog color brigade

Pop of Color + Co-Hosting with Funday Monday

Color – pops of it are fast becoming a new outfit love language for me. For years {and years} my go to color was black. When I was being a little daring, I would add some grey or purple but even those were of the muted tones. Always staying in the background with my color choices was my comfort zone. Most of the time because I wasn’t confident or comfortable with how I looked. Then color entered my life and this has been a recent development for the most part. The truth is that color makes me feel confident and pretty. Who knew? Not me, obviously! This recent change has coincided with other wardrobe changes and challenges I found to participate in with other bloggers. So thankful for all these changes because color{s} have changed my wardrobe, my style, my confidence and a little bit of my attitude.

Here’s a couple of looks. Pop of color on top. I am loving this color of blue. Paired it with a scarf and skinny jeans. Switched out the shoes – one look with flats, one look with heels. I like them both but I’m not much of “sexy” girl with skinny jeans and heels. That is another work in process. The hubs? Yeah, he likes that look. {Again, who knew?}

Pop of color with leopard flats.

Pop of color with nude heels.

Pop of color on the bottom. Red pixie pants, which I’m getting used to and have worn them a couple of times. Not thrilled with the fit. One size was tighter than I prefer {still have issues with clothes fitting closely to my body} and the another size was just ok. Maybe I should have hung onto my reward $$ for later. But the silver lining is that I do love the color. Color on the bottom and neutral on top and I do like this combo.

Pop of color on the bottom.


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Spring Style Me Challenge – The Finale!

The Spring Style Me Challenge at Get Your Pretty On officially ended on Sunday. Twenty one days of being styled by Alison gave me so many ideas for outfits and putting patterns and colors together. I certainly know I have a few go to outfits that are easy and effortless to put together. That is so exciting to me as I continue on my wardrobe journey.

Although I will take with me all that learned about style, the greater gift for me is relationships. I have been extremely blessed by the encouragement and love that the women showed each other and me. One of the ladies wrote this blog post {here} and I don’t think I could say it any better. Seriously, PLEASE read it!! I think this is what I love about blogging…it’s not the fashion or the style or the great tips or the giveaways, although I LOVE all of those things. What really matters to me is relationships!

I was blessed to have dinner last Friday with some of the ladies who live in N. Texas that participated in the challenge. Instant friendship ensued! Relationships with ladies is what happened through this challenge. Lovely ladies that encouraged one another simply because their desire is to bless and not curse. They desire to build up one another and not tear down. Below is the picture we took after dinner. These are just a few of the 400+ ladies who were a part of the Spring Challenge. We had a great time! You might want to join the summer challenge which begins June 15th. Check it out here.

For the final days of the challenge, I have to admit that I didn’t get very many pictures. My hubby was out on military duty and my selfies are a work in progress {they still need a lot of work}. But before he left, he took this one. I must say I have fallen deeply in love with white jeans. Who knew that love affair would bloom and blossom into a major {and I dare say} ongoing long-term relationship. My heart has been captivated and stolen by those white jeans…Until this challenge they had found their place in the closet neatly folded on the shelf and yet oh so neglected. But their day has come and they will be center stage quite often I do believe!


Remember the lovely blogger ladies that started this challenge? They finished with flying colors! Please check out their blogs listed below. We going to continue this little link up for the next few weeks until the Summer Challenge. We even have a button – THANKS, Deena! Put us on your calendar for Wednesdays!

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Summer Dresses Link-up

Beautiful blue skies, no clouds and warm {hot} temperatures. This has been the forecast in Texas lately. I, for one, am loving it! I’ll admit that when it’s over 100 for, well, what feels like 100 days I do grow a little tired of the heat. But for 2014 I’m not there yet. Right here, right now I’m totally digging the weather. I am much more upbeat and productive when the sun is out and the skies are blue! We are on the brink of summer fashion and for me living in Texas, summer = dresses! They are just so comfortable and much cooler when the temps are soaring. Today, I’m sharing a couple of my favorites. The green dress is new {free reward $$’s at Old Navy – buying gas on the credit card = points = reward $$} So I found this little number and I thought it would be a great addition to build on for spring and summer in the dresses department. I’ve styled it a couple of different ways. I’m thinking this little number has so many options and its workable year round with sweaters, boots, tights, etc. BUT that day is not today! {Thankful}

Summer Green Dress

Summer Green Dress


This little blue number is one I picked up last summer at Target. It is absolutely the coolest dress on a super hot Texas day. It was a little windy when we shot these pictures so you can see how it flows. Yes, it’s a keeper…

Little Flowy Blue Dress


Summer’s coming so get your dresses ready, ladies!

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