Capsule Project – Defining My Style

When I made the decision to attempt a Capsule Wardrobe, I also made some goals that I felt needed to be a part of moving forward with my wardrobe. A couple of things that kept cropping up to me that left me confused. I did not have a good understanding of my style or my body type. So I decided to do a googling magic to see what I could find to assist me on my quest. I found a few online quizzes. Here are my favorites:

Define your Style for Dummies – this quiz confirmed that my style was a timeless classic as described below. Does that image look strangely similar to the picture of me on the right in the side bar? I had to laugh at loud!

The timeless classic.

The timeless classic.

Your color palette consists of darker colors like navy, gray, and black. These colors are flattering and slimming and don’t show stains or wear and tear from all your daily activity.

I tried another quiz at which revealed a similar style as stated below.

Your style is chic and modern without being overdone. You follow the latest trends but don’t let them dictate what you wear.

At The Chic Fashionista I found yet again that my style was classic. Their definition of A Classic clothing personality/fashion persona is a sign of grace and tasteful style. Ok, I’ll take that! These are some ladies who fall in this realm as well.

Classic minimal fashion personality fashion style

Credit: Celebutopia – Angelina Jolie, JustJared – Katie Holmes,
Buzzfoto – Brooke Shields, WENN – Lauren Conrad, Wireimage – Ashley Olsen

The site also gave some tips and explanations for each fashion style. This was my favorite site to help define my style.

All of those quizzes made it perfectly clear – I am have a classic style. The next step for me was to figure my body type and what style pieces work best on me. I read this post at Wild Ruffle. From that post I followed the link here to take a little measurement quiz which help to determine my body type. These were extremely helpful to me in understanding my body type.

I did just a little more googling! I then found the site Joy of Clothes. This site helped me define a good color palette for me as well as pieces of clothing that fit best to my body structure.

All in all, I feel like I have learned a lot about my style and body type as I move forward on my fashion journey. A journey to shop my closet first and develop a Capsule Wardrobe.

Now I’m off and running to shop my closet for a Spring Capsule. Stay tuned!


Capsule Project – Weekend Update

 I would say it was a productive weekend around our home. Some of our goals were met head on and at this point I would say all ended well. I am keeping it mind that our goals are a work in progress, but progress is moving well…forward. Upward and onward!

Where did our goals meet progress this weekend? Two areas, purging and new hangers were met with enthusiasm. We purchased wooden hangers and I must say, they are LOVELY! By the way, I noticed immediately that my attitude toward my clothing changed when I began placing the pieces that were “keepers” on the new hangers. My hubby finished his closet already and it is BEAUTIFUL! Simply beautiful!

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The Capsule Wardrobe

As I start My Capsule Project journey to develop a capsule wardrobe I am thinking about my purpose in seeking to build a smaller and better wardrobe. It really all started for me when I read the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess {here} by Jen Hatmaker. The premise of the book wasn’t to teach the reader how to slim down their wardrobe, but rather I gleaned a better insight into how the materialism and trappings of the world drown out the voice of the Savior. As she examined several areas of life and what impact they had I her, I felt a connection in my own life. I was convicted on various levels and areas of my life. And so as 2014 was nearing my husband and I made some decisions on how to change our life in the new year. For me, one major focus would be to tackle my closet and shopping obsession. Continue reading