Stripes – Florals – Leopard Print & Co-Host

Last week the Spring Style Me Challenge hosted by Alison with Get Your Pretty On finished up. It was a great three weeks and I learned much that I am taking with me on my fashion journey. Today I’m highlighting a few items that were the most impactful to me as I remix my wardrobe. Hence the title of the post {stripes, florals and leopard print} have made their way into a prominent part of my wardrobe. I have discovered new ways to wear them and even wear them together. Who knew? Not me {yet again}! I’m just posting a few pictures of some little favorites that are easy go to outfits.

I also discovered multiple ways to wear those skinny jeans {that I now love} and boyfriend jeans {which I’m in like with at the moment}.

These are just a few of the ways I can wear those striped tees with jeans. I cannot imagine why I have gone for so long without having anything striped in my wardrobe. Stripes are very versatile and they add the pattern to a solid colored cardigan. Can I say {LOVE}!

Linking up: The Pleated Poppy. Get Your Pretty On. Tucker Up. Mix and Match Fashion. Vodka Infused Lemonade. Simple Just Lovely. Perfectly Coutured. I’m Perfectly Human.

Today I’m also co-hosting with Kileen at Cute and Little. Have you been to her blog? If not, you are truly missing great style. She has fabulous taste and beautiful clothing. Her style is classic and elegant. I would totally wear any and every piece that I see on her blog. Check her out!

Here’s the banner code to include in the post as well:

cute and little fashion blog Color Brigade
cute and little fashion blog color brigade

20 thoughts on “Stripes – Florals – Leopard Print & Co-Host

  1. All of your looks are so simple yet have such great details! I really like the color combo in the second one! I’m in the same boat, I would have NEVER worn leopard print before I started reading style blogs…now I can’t imagine not wearing it!


    • Thank you! One of my favorite things lately – mixing patterns. Never ever did I picture myself doing this type of mixing much less wearing it and loving it!


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