Spring Style Me Challenge – The Finale!

The Spring Style Me Challenge at Get Your Pretty On officially ended on Sunday. Twenty one days of being styled by Alison gave me so many ideas for outfits and putting patterns and colors together. I certainly know I have a few go to outfits that are easy and effortless to put together. That is so exciting to me as I continue on my wardrobe journey.

Although I will take with me all that learned about style, the greater gift for me is relationships. I have been extremely blessed by the encouragement and love that the women showed each other and me. One of the ladies wrote this blog post {here} and I don’t think I could say it any better. Seriously, PLEASE read it!! I think this is what I love about blogging…it’s not the fashion or the style or the great tips or the giveaways, although I LOVE all of those things. What really matters to me is relationships!

I was blessed to have dinner last Friday with some of the ladies who live in N. Texas that participated in the challenge. Instant friendship ensued! Relationships with ladies is what happened through this challenge. Lovely ladies that encouraged one another simply because their desire is to bless and not curse. They desire to build up one another and not tear down. Below is the picture we took after dinner. These are just a few of the 400+ ladies who were a part of the Spring Challenge. We had a great time! You might want to join the summer challenge which begins June 15th. Check it out here.


For the final days of the challenge, I have to admit that I didn’t get very many pictures. My hubby was out on military duty and my selfies are a work in progress {they still need a lot of work}. But before he left, he took this one. I must say I have fallen deeply in love with white jeans. Who knew that love affair would bloom and blossom into a major {and I dare say} ongoing long-term relationship. My heart has been captivated and stolen by those white jeans…Until this challenge they had found their place in the closet neatly folded on the shelf and yet oh so neglected. But their day has come and they will be center stage quite often I do believe!


Remember the lovely blogger ladies that started this challenge? They finished with flying colors! Please check out their blogs listed below. We going to continue this little link up for the next few weeks until the Summer Challenge. We even have a button – THANKS, Deena! Put us on your calendar for Wednesdays!

Linking up: The Pleated Poppy. Get Your Pretty On. Cute and Little. Because Shanna Said So. Tucker Up. Transatlantic Blonde. Perfectly Coutured. Vodka Infused Lemonade. Simply Just Lovely.


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20 thoughts on “Spring Style Me Challenge – The Finale!

  1. You’re the sweetest for posting the letter I wrote! I”m so glad you ladies got what I was trying to say (I don’t always feel I’m as eloquent as I intend to be!).
    I’ve loved the relationships and am so glad you’re one of the ladies I got to “meet”! I look forward to ou continued linkups and seeing all your gorgeous outfits!


    • Of course I posted your letter! It was so heartfelt and I just identified with you on so many levels! You are a such a delight and so real. I.LOVE.that!


  2. Leopard and stripes… must try that soon! I’ve loved seeing your pictures everyday and can’t get enough of your “fun classy” style. I’m working on it for myself!


    • Aren’t leopard and stripes the bomb? I just love the combo. I’m finding that leopard flats just go with so many outfits. I’m amazed. My leopard scarf and leopard flats are now my go to items. Who knew? Obviously, not me! Are you going in for the summer challenge as well? Hope so!


  3. Carrie – I’m so glad that I met you through the style challenge. You are a beautiful lady and your outfits are always so pretty. I get lots of inspiration from you. Looking forward to continuing the link ups! Have a great day.


  4. Love the leopard scarf! I need one too, and white jeans, are the best aren’t they? So glad we “met” through this challenge, I look forward to continuing to get to know you and see where life takes us!


    • Sarah, you have got to get a leopard scarf! I didn’t realized how versatile it was until now. I’m glad we met too and are linking up. Are you in for the summer challenge? Me = YES!


    • Hi Courtney! Love the recipes on your blog – subscribed to it. Glad you stopped by today and introduced yourself. I’m always looking for good food blogs with great recipes. Feel like I scored on that today.


  5. I love my white jeans, too. I am surprised. The only downfall for me is that they seem to get dirty quite quickly! That is so cool that you guys got together. I am sure there were a few people in my area. . . .makes me want to organize a get together for the summer challenge!


    • Hey Jordan! Glad you stopped by and shared about your white jeans.Please head over to Greater than Rubies regarding how to care for your white jeans. Caitlin wrote a great post about it last week. I learned a lot! Also, you should organize a get together. I promise you’ll be blessed!


    • Jess, so glad you stopped by again. I love your style too! I especially like that you appreciate how ladies dressed in the 20’s & 40’s. I just adore the 40’s! Yes, lady your on. I’m headed back over to your blog and follow you!


  6. Hi Carrie – This challenge was such a blessing on so many levels. I just want to thank you for being a light to the women in this group. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!


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