Summer Dresses Link-up

Beautiful blue skies, no clouds and warm {hot} temperatures. This has been the forecast in Texas lately. I, for one, am loving it! I’ll admit that when it’s over 100 for, well, what feels like 100 days I do grow a little tired of the heat. But for 2014 I’m not there yet. Right here, right now I’m totally digging the weather. I am much more upbeat and productive when the sun is out and the skies are blue! We are on the brink of summer fashion and for me living in Texas, summer = dresses! They are just so comfortable and much cooler when the temps are soaring. Today, I’m sharing a couple of my favorites. The green dress is new {free reward $$’s at Old Navy – buying gas on the credit card = points = reward $$} So I found this little number and I thought it would be a great addition to build on for spring and summer in the dresses department. I’ve styled it a couple of different ways. I’m thinking this little number has so many options and its workable year round with sweaters, boots, tights, etc. BUT that day is not today! {Thankful}

Summer Green Dress

Summer Green Dress


This little blue number is one I picked up last summer at Target. It is absolutely the coolest dress on a super hot Texas day. It was a little windy when we shot these pictures so you can see how it flows. Yes, it’s a keeper…

Little Flowy Blue Dress


Summer’s coming so get your dresses ready, ladies!

Linking up: The Fashion Canvas. Style Elixir. Life’s A Party Dress Like It.

14 thoughts on “Summer Dresses Link-up

    • Thanks, Whitney! I really like it and the material makes it very comfortable. No worries for you, you have that gorgeous dress you posted about! LOVE!


    • Thank you! I like the green as well but the blue dress is perfect when it’s super hot…which will be quite soon I’m sure. Thanks for stopping by!


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