Spring Style Me Challenge ~ Day 10-16 + a Link-up

The Spring Style Me Challenge continues at Get Your Pretty On. As the challenge continues, I am again realizing how I can continue to purge down my wardrobe. I stopped at a local clothing resale store this past weekend and parted with a few items that I had been hanging on to. They rejected some but not all of them as they did last time I was there. I left with a little less clothing and little more money in my pocket. As I left, I felt like it was a win! As I thought more about it, I decided I would part with a few more like items on Sunday. Guess what? They bought those also. Saturday + Sunday = a great win for my purging and developing a better more remixable wardrobe. Which leads me to the challenge – it has been a great opportunity to work on remixing.

This week I’m linking up again with my fellow challenge ladies. I’m posting Days 10-16. Below is what was suggested to wear and what I wore. Some days I drifted in the unsafe waters of my own decisions and though it sounded good in my head, it didn’t always translate on my body the way I envisioned. But, lessons are being learned and I am enjoying understanding my style and mixing pieces better with each outfit.

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Please check out the lovely ladies below and give them some blogger love. And if you want to enter the Celebration Giveaway for my friend Alex at Undergraduate Style who reached the 200 milestone on her blogging journey go here. It’s a $50 gift card to Target. Who doesn’t love Target, right? You can also enter on my post from Monday, just scroll down.

I’m also linking up with The Pleated Poppy. Cute and Little. Tucker Up. Get Your Pretty On. Because Shanna Said So. Transatlantic Blonde. Vodka Infused Lemonade. Perfectly Coutured. The Tiny Heart. I’m Perfectly Human. Mix and Match Fashion. Simply Just Lovely.

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31 thoughts on “Spring Style Me Challenge ~ Day 10-16 + a Link-up

  1. You are acing this Spring challenge so far. I love all your use of Scarves too. I, too used a Scarf with my Denim Layered look today. I became quite creative with a Plaid Button-down if I must say so myself lol.

    Happy Hump Day, Carrie!


    • Thank you, Ada! The Spring Challenge has been such a blast! There is one coming up in June for the summer. You should check into at Get Your Pretty On. Glad you stopped by again!


  2. Love the outfits you are styling for the Spring challenge! My favorite is the polka dot blouse, scarf and red pants.



    • Thanks, Jill! That blouse is probably one of my favorite pieces in my entire closet. And actually, I just love polka and because of the challenge I now love stripes. Glad you stopped by!


  3. Doesn’t cleaning out your closet feel so good?? I cleared-out about half of my clothing a few months ago. Everything I’m getting rid of is sitting in bags right now…I need to get around to taking them to some consignment shops…a little extra money sounds good right about now!


    • I was excited that they actually took some of my clothes this time. I’m learning what they will buy and what they won’t. I still have a lot of clothes though. My dilemma now is camis – how many does a girl need anyway and what colors do I really need to keep. This is what I think about…seriously! Crazy isn’t it! 🙂 Glad you stopped by!


  4. As usual you look gorgeous in all your outfits! Love your slideshow. Have you tried selling any clothes on Poshmark? I’ve heard really good things about it but haven’t tried it yet.


  5. I find so much inspiration from all of the styles you’re able to get from just one suggestion outfit from Alison! Super cute accessorizing, you always look so well put together!


    • Thank you! The challenge has inspired me and I’m looking ahead to do a little exploring on my own from these weeks of the challenge. Glad you stopped by!


  6. I will admit, every day that I see your outfits I feel like you nailed it (even when you deviate). You truly do always look great (even in your after the gym pics!). Gorgeous lady and such a sweetheart too!


    • I just don’t know why you live in Canada and I live in Texas. I know I’m probably old enough to be your mom but we could still be friends. Anyway, thank you for your sweet words. This challenge has helped me to try some new things. It has stirred up some creativity in me as well. Thankful!!


    • Wow! Thank you, Beth! I think you nailed exactly my style. I knew I leaned toward classic & I sorta love trendy but fun is the perfect mix of where I want to linger. I am also a former/reforming black & grey & dark color lover. Color is so beautiful and it really does make one more visible. I’m finding my personality changes when I wear something colorful as well. Interesting! 🙂


  7. Hi Carrie! Glad to see your cute smile here this week. Man, when this chemo crap in no more – you and I are gonna have some fun! Sorry for all my ‘debbie downer’ phases. Go see some of my older post of last June – Aug and see that I try to be a fun and loving happy thrift stylist, ok? lol. I am grateful for my improved health today that is helping me be at my ‘puter for longer stretches of time. We enjoyed you as a co-host and you’ll need to do it again sometime, yes? ♥, Renae


    • Renae! I cannot believe you have the energy or strength to blog. You are such a sweet trooper & your sense of humor is just contagious. I would gladly co-host with you in the future. Please, please ask if I can assist you in anyway. Hugs to you sweet lady!


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