Style Me Challenge Re-cap

Today is so exciting! Why? Because I am sharing the outfits from the Spring Style Me Challenge from Get Your Pretty On. The challenge began last Monday and I did post the first three outfits last Wednesday. Today I’m posting outfits from Day 4-Day 9 with what I wore once the outfits were revealed.

This little challenge has been so much fun for me. Along with other challenges that I often participate in on a regular basis, I am beginning to love my own wardrobe. I find myself more content with what I have because I can remix things and force myself out of a familiar box of style. I am learning to love mixing patterns, adding scarves and wearing color pants. But one area that I have always struggled in is having clothes hug my body. I just feel uncomfortable or self-conscience or unattractive. But what I have found with mixing my wardrobe up and especially with mixing patterns is that I feel more confident and less self-conscience of my imperfections. This is a great step forward. A huge blessing!

And do you know what makes a challenge even better? Friends! People…ok real people who I’m sharing experiences with via the web but it’s genuinely a sweet and precious atmosphere. How great is it to be doing this challenge with ladies from all over the US and Canada? It makes my heart just rejoice! So if you like people…I hope you like people! Then scroll down to the end of end of this post and click on some other bloggers who are participating in the challenge. We are linking up togehter here as well. Oh, enjoy in the photos and the blogs. Breathe in that beauty of everyone’s creativity.

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24 thoughts on “Style Me Challenge Re-cap

    • You are so right, Jess. I am growing in appreciation with the clothes I have in my wardrobe. Remixing is so much fun and once you get into a rhythm of what works, it’s really a blast. Glad you stopped by again!


      • Why do you have to live in Canada when I’m in Texas? I totally think we could hang out…well I’d be like another mom since I probably about her age. BTW – I checked out all of your outfits and you rocked them!! p.s. your little girl is adorable too! Glad you stopped by, friend!


  1. You know with your fab figure I would have never guessed that you were self conscience about it! You are seriously working this challenge and I am so glad that this is giving you confidence that you need!


    • Sarah, I think I have kinda struggled with body image issues since I was a teenager. I’m lots more comfortable now {I should be since I’m about to turn 51 this year}!! Another thing that has helped was to discover my body type and then trying to dress for it. There are things I have worn in the past that I won’t wear in the future because they don’t work for me very well. Wearing things that are complimentary really has helped me look in the mirror differently. AND this challenge has also moved along in this journey. Glad you stopped by!!


    • Thank you, Lana! I’m so glad you on the challenge journey as well. It’s such fun! Also, thank you for the award – I’m definitely going to hit you up on it but I’m just swamped this week. Papers to write are looming over my head.


    • Thanks, Katie! It makes me smile to know you enjoyed it. Hope you’ll be back! 🙂 I know that maxi is just the bomb! Can’t believe I found it in some off the wall cheapo store. Guess that’s what happens on a whim. 🙂


  2. Carrie, you have put together so many great Casual Looks. You should be so proud. You are the post-card of a put-together everyday woman on the go.

    As you know I enjoy your blog very much. I started following on Bloglovin. Would love if you support me back by following.

    Have a Great Day and come see the latest of my 30 for 30 remixes when you like. Thanks, Ada. =)


  3. Hi. Not been on your blog before. Love the fact you’re a follower of Christ! I got your link from the Perfectly Coutured Thursday linky. This is a great idea for a challenge! I love the outfit you put in the link, the day 6 outfit. Its so sinple and those aztec prints are really in at the moment. I just started following you on bloglovin. I will leave my link but please no pressure! I know some people are annoyed with this.


  4. Such lovely casual looks! It’s great to try and remix what you already own, and start to look at things in new ways, opens up lots of outfit possibilities! 🙂

    Stopping by from Fashion Item Friday 🙂

    Away From Blue


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