It’s a Third Thursday

Every month has a third Thursday. That’s an important day for my blogger friend Selah @ A Bibliophile’s Style. Every third Thursday is a link up called Thoughtful Third Thursday. Basically, give a synopsis of what your reading, a short quote and create an outfit that corresponds to it. Such creativity!

Now, I thought I was a reader until I met Selah. What I have realized is that I am a lover of books. I love books BUT I LIKE to read. I just don’t accomplish all I desire to accomplish in the reading department. I also realized that I enjoy words {don’t get me started in the dictionary because I WILL read it}. The other thing I like {hold on to your seat} is doing research. Conclusion = the things I enjoy include reading! Make sense? I hope so!

What am I reading now? What I’m typically reading, my Bible and Bible related materials for school. As I thought about this post and the season of Easter, I decided to post something that maybe {sorta} resembles Bible ladies.

The skirt is new {thanks, mom}, the top & sweater are so last season or last year but a couple of favorites. Sandals are last summer’s purchase. Jewelry, not sure.

Linking up:

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12 thoughts on “It’s a Third Thursday

  1. I’ve not cracked open the Bible since my Bible as Literature course in college (which is why my mom, the secular nun, often despairs of my eternal soul) so I’m gonna have to take your word on this. From a sartorial perspective, I adore the chevron. The three dimensionality of the pattern gives it a fresh, on-trend take.

    Thanks for linking up!


    • Thank you! You should crack that Bible open – great stories from love & romance to war & murder + love & forgiveness….man at his best and worst. It’s greatness!!

      Love the link-up!


  2. Hi Carrie! I thought I should get myself over here to check out your blog since you’re all letting my join up with the Get Your Pretty On link up. I love your blog, and I commend you for not purchasing any clothing in 2014! I’ve set myself a monthly clothing budget for this year and so far I’ve stuck to it, but it’s mostly because I’ve kept myself out of the stores! I will check back tomorrow for your link up with Style Elixir. Have a great evening πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you for stopping by Lana! So glad you’re on the journey with the Spring Challenge. Yes, my goal is to not shop but I have had a few exceptions from the start. Hubby gave me gift cards for Christmas {his sweet way of encouraging me along the journey} + parents always give me $$ for “something new to wear”. Those were my freebies! {Thankful} Then unexpectedly, I started to receive some {literally} free coupons at different stores. That has NEVER happened to me before. So I have shopped a little with those things. Reconciled my idea of no shopping with my husband’s – me no shopping/hubby no shopping with new 2014 $$. So it is a work in progress. My goal is to purge my closet, develop seasonal capsule wardrobes, dress my body type, etc. Hope that makes sense. Didn’t want you to think I’m going to perfectly make it through 2014 without shopping at all. πŸ™‚


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