Pastels & Brights

It’s Monday! Start of the work week for me + another Remix Rewear Restyle at Greater than Rubies. Today is Pastels & Brights link up…so I headed to my closet to find something to remix. I thought about a couple of different choices but ended up with this one.

I have seen a lot of mint all over the place lately. I really like the combo of red or a reddish color with mint. I first saw it Greater than Rubies and if I could find the post I would link to it but so far it has eluded me. I really do like this color combo and I kinda have a little crush on mint these days. Hoping to include it more regularly into my wardrobe. These pieces are definitely keepers as I continue the purge of 2014.

Linking up today with Greater than Rubies & Fizz and Frosting!

One thought on “Pastels & Brights

  1. Yup, those pieces are keepers! I really like the floral scarf. And how funny that you mention Caitlin’s red and mint outfit when she recreated it for this remix!


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