Daring to Believe: How a shirt can change a life

When I read this on Monday, I knew I wanted to reblog it. Please check out the shirts. They look fabulous!

the fair trade fashionistas

Hey, hey fair trade lovin’ friends. I’m excited to share this awesome group with you today! I was contacted by Ben and Kelly Field about their group a few months ago. I didn’t really realize the opportunity being presented to me to review their shirts. They offered to send one for my husband to try. I was immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship and excellent tailoring. But I am even more impressed with their mission and what they are doing to make a difference in India.

Dare to Believe started with a couple in India (Abraham) who saw a need and then took a step of faith to meet that need. Shortly after, friends from the US joined in (Ben and Kelly). Abraham was born into an upper caste Christian family in India, and fell in love with a woman of a lower caste from the tribal region of Northeast…

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