A Few Lovelies – Friday, March 28

This week I feel like I have been behind the eight ball.ALL.WEEK.LONG! Therefore my favorite five is going to be my favorite THREE. 🙂

Here goes!

1.) As I’m working on developing a capsule wardrobe, I read this wonderful post by Caitlin at Greater than Rubies. You can read it here and I highly recommend it! Very helpful!

2.) Over at Undergraduate Style, Alex had a link up on Tuesday with the Pantone Spring 2014 colors. It was a great link up. It looked like we all shopped our closets and found some of those beautiful colors. Check it out here – Color Me TUESDAY.

3.) Over at Get Your Pretty One, Alison announced a Style Me Challenge – Spring 2014. You can check it out here. It does have a cost of $10.00 but I thought it would be fun. She gives us a shopping list and outfit challenges. The items to wear will be distributed on April 4th and the challenge begins April 14th. I won’t be participating in the shopping part {unless it’s my closet} but I think it will be a fun little challenge.

4.) Here’s something else. A 7×7 Remix with Ma Nouvelle Mode and Walking in Grace and Beauty. It starts April 1st if you are interested. Click on Ma Nouvelle Mode for the deets.

There it is! Top 3+1 {because at the last-minute I remembered one more}.

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