Get Redressed Remix

Happy Monday! Today I am doing something I have never done. I am wearing a thrifty item. Are you shocked? It is shocking! I know it is shocking!!  Thrifting has become very popular now but when I was growing up it really wasn’t an option {at least not that I remember}. So here I am on the threshold of a milestone of sorts.

I am finding it a little comical on several levels {1} that I have not thrifted before I have lived half of a century {2} I’m not supposed to be shopping but I bought this so I could participate in this remix {3} I found this item when I was trying to sell my own clothes which the store refused to buy {4} I returned to the store more than a week later to specifically purchase this piece {5} It was STILL there!

This type of shirt is one that I knew I wanted to add to my wardrobe for putting together a capsule. I know it will be so versatile. I love that it is long-sleeved yet the sleeves can be rolled up. I know it will look great under sweaters or jackets next fall or winter. It is a perfect light weight chambray material and exactly what I was looking for {down the road or at least that’s what I thought}. I think it will become a regular staple in my closet.

The pants I’m not so sure about. I have dyed them and like the color, but the fit just isn’t great. Unfortunately, this is what I am finding in my wardrobe quite often. Things I purchased because they were inexpensive but fit poorly. Now I am face to face with the decision of what I’m going to pay to alter and what I’m going to let go…! Ok, so it’s not like crossing the Rubicon but it’s still a decision and once it’s made there is no going back. Alterations vs. give away and then replace sometime? Go ahead and give me your input.

Today I’m linking up with Greater than Rubies & Not Dead Yet Style & Fizz and Frosting.

11 thoughts on “Get Redressed Remix

  1. Cute outfit! I’m sure that top will get lots of wear. I like the color of those pants too, but I know what you mean about having pant fit problems. I’m dealing with that in my closet a bit too.


    • Thanks, Amy! I do love that blouse and am thankful that I found it. What are your fit issues? Are you going to make alterations or let those pieces go? I’m really torn because of the cost to alter vs. new purchases. In the meantime I’m still wearing some of those ill fitting pieces but I’m more uncomfortable each time I put them on. 😦


      • Because I’ve been so paranoid about buying pants that are too tight, I’ve ended up with pants that are just a little bit loose in the waist, and the more I wear them the more they just look sloppy. I’m also still figuring out exactly how pants should fit my legs width-wise. I got brave with my purple pants and altered them myself, and they turned out really well, so I’m planning on trying to fix a couple of other pairs. I do have prior sewing experience, though – reconstructing the waistband of a pair of pants isn’t exactly a beginner project! I guess for you, maybe think about what pants are easy to replace and what ones have some hard to find special feature (color, shape, pockets, belt loops, whatever) that you really like. And try altering one at a time, so you can see if it feels worth it before you put too much into it.


  2. So proud! One, that you’re thrifting, and two, that you’re making the tough decisions of what will stay and take up valuable real estate vs. what will go, while carefully purchasing from here on out. HUGE round of applause for you, sweet friend! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week!


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