Tuesday Trades Debut

I am so excited to debut TUESDAY TRADES today! This will be a segment where I share outfits that are a mix of my clothes and some of my daughter’s items. I know this is probably a no-no of sorts given our age difference and what-not, but it should be a fun little experiment.

A little history is probably applicable in order to appreciate this post. When my daughter was in high school, we would typically watch What Not to Wear each week. Stacey and Clinton inspired us and taught us quite a bit. This was a launching point and my daughter ran with it. She was not afraid to mix colors, patterns, textures, etc. Her closet was filled with a beautiful array of unique choices {and still is}. When she lived at home, I so enjoyed finding something to borrow from her closet. There was always something that would add pizzaz to my normal basic wardrobe. BIG blessing!

 Fast forward to the present, about 8+ years. As I started my “no shopping” experiment, she decided to join in with me. Although we are thousands of miles apart we are seeking to do this together. She came up with the idea of a clothing trade or swap for us to participate in each month. I thought it was such a great idea and would keep both of us from shopping because it would be like getting new items each month. This is how it works – we send each other a box at the beginning of the month with 2-3 items + an accessory. At the end of the  month we return those pieces and send something new following the same guidelines.

Here’s my first outfit for Tuesday Trades.

For this look, I wore my favorite trousers which I purchased from The Limited and have re-dyed them several times. The sweater is from Target (mine), the blouse is from Forever 21 (Lindsay) + my shoes (Target). Hope to have pictures of her look/looks in the next post.

Oh, and I thought this was a little pattern mixing even though it is basically all in the polka dot family. 🙂

Linking this up with Get Your Pretty On…because I feel {felt} pretty in this outfit!

I Feel Pretty

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trades Debut

  1. Carrie, this is great! Those trouser jeans always look so good on you, I love the colored shoes, and the mix of polka dots is so cute! Mixing 2 of the same print definitely counts as pattern mixing – it can actually be harder to do than completely different prints.


  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Selah. If this was facebook, I would have tagged you…I was totally thinking of you and your input on the pattern mixing. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts on pattern mixing because I totally thought I was taking the easy route by using the same type of pattern.


  3. I love the trouser jeans. I have a pair from Eddie Bauer that are many years old and I would love to dye them. What color dye did you use?


    • Hi Gina!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Those trousers are my favorite and I have dyed several times. The last time I think I was the most successful though. Here’s why – I went to the Rit dye website and researched colors. I used the packaged dye instead of the liquid. I also mixed the colors to get closer to a darker denim. I mixed the color denim and added black to it. I was really happy with how they turned out!


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