Remix – Rewear – Restyle: Colored Cardigan {Link Up}

Today I’m linking up with GTR {Greater than Rubies} with the colored cardigan remix. One of the staples in my wardrobe is colored cardigans. I really LOVE cardigans because I think there are just so versatile and easy to wear. I have grown to love them A LOT!

As I was doing a little purging this weekend, I stumbled upon a little top that I purchased awhile ago and the end of some season. It still had the price tag on it. The Limited – Final Sale – $6.99 and who knows but I just might have snagged it at one of those times when there was an additional 30% off. That has always been my signature type of purchase. Obviously, I decided to not part with this piece yet and paired it with a colored {purple} cardigan.

Yes, I think the top could be classified as a floral. I’m sensing a little hold over from last week’s floral link up which totally got me consumed with the floral {especially blouses} that were hanging in my closet. Who knew there were that many? Not me! Loving me some floral, now! Very thankful for that remix link up.

Something that occurred to me as I was putting this outfit together is that I continue to fight against creating matchy/matchy stuff. I know, I know my age is showing but growing up in the 80’s we were a lot less adventurous with color and print combinations. Well, I was anyway. Hence my hesitation today with a colored top which “matched” the cardigan. Also, I grew up REALLY close to Minnesota and everyone was a Viking fan. For me, I have no aversion to the Vikings but I do not  relish looking like a “Purple People Eater”. Well, there you go…I wore it anyway! Feeling a little pretty and quite content in this outfit and I would wear it again.

7 thoughts on “Remix – Rewear – Restyle: Colored Cardigan {Link Up}

  1. Yay, another purple cardigan! I know what you mean about the purple and yellow – those were my school colors for elementary through high school, so I have a mental block there about mixing them. That’s another reason why there’s not much yellow in my very purple closet!


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