Capsule Project – Weekend Update

 I would say it was a productive weekend around our home. Some of our goals were met head on and at this point I would say all ended well. I am keeping it mind that our goals are a work in progress, but progress is moving well…forward. Upward and onward!

Where did our goals meet progress this weekend? Two areas, purging and new hangers were met with enthusiasm. We purchased wooden hangers and I must say, they are LOVELY! By the way, I noticed immediately that my attitude toward my clothing changed when I began placing the pieces that were “keepers” on the new hangers. My hubby finished his closet already and it is BEAUTIFUL! Simply beautiful!

But, I must back up a moment because it didn’t start with hangers, but rather with a small purge of my closet. I had been thinking about some items that I was ready to part with at this point in my journey. I took them out of my closet and dresser drawers. As I folded them up and placed them in a bag I decided to try something different. I would take them to a resale store and hopefully walk away with a little cash in my pocket {trying to re-coop on my poor stewardship of the past}. I called ahead of time to inquire into what type of items they typically purchase. Ok, check that was a go, those were the items I had and was parting with at this time. The Mr. and I ventured over to take a stab into a new quest at {not revealing the name of the store, but it would be here if I did}. They gladly accepted my bag and asked for me to return in about an hour. I looked around a bit and was surprised to see some items that I have in my closet on their racks. Exited the store, ran an errand and returned. Upon returning I was notified that my clothing items were dated {whatever that means} and were in poor condition. WOW! Not in a million years did I see that coming. The items followed their criteria and I really am not hard on my clothing. {Case in point – my 32-year-old winter coat that I own that still looks brand new}. Anyway, stop being defensive and look at what is really going on in my heart but before I really did that I tried another option. The next thrift store would only take donations and didn’t pay cash for any items and another just down the street was closed. Alright, I give up! I get it! Donate those pieces to the church for the homeless and those in poverty in my community. This is what I have done in the past and obviously my new stewardship epiphany doesn’t mean I can punt what is right. Relinquish the clothes and receive nothing back on my bad investment. Isn’t that the risk involved when investing anyway? Yes, I just had not looked at my clothes as an investment. And in the end what was revealed in my heart? Well, pride – for the quality of my clothing and selfishness – wanting to re-coop $$ {to spend on myself – if the truth be told}. BIG.eye.opening.experience! GREAT.heart. lesson! Thankful for the gentle hand of the Lord. He teaches oh so well!

I also recently posted about another goal – developing a Capsule Wardrobe {My Capsule Project}. I am linking up here with Suzie Studios as I take on this challenge. How did I progress on this goal during the weekend? Well, I have been reading about the new colors for Spring/Summer put together by Pantone. Check it out here. This has been a little exciting for me because I realize I have some of those colors in my current wardrobe and will be able to implement them while I am creating this capsule. I also spent a little time on Pinterest and pinned some inspirations. The link to that board is here. Now, I am going to try to put together some pieces to build a capsule for a Spring Capsule. I’m working on an idea for the month of April to launch it…stay tuned!

*Today, (Monday) I’m linking up with GTR for Remix Rewear Restyle: Colored Cardigan. Tomorrow, (Tuesday) I’m posting my first Tuesday Trades. It will be mixing my wardrobe with some items from daughter. We are trading piece cross-country on a monthly basis. It’s kinda like she was home again. Please check it out!*

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