Another Day of Floral

Yesterday, I was quite inspired by the floral link up here. I was also inspired by lots of items I pinned to this board. Selah from this blog encouraged me to check out her style board which you can find here. From there I made some decisions and headed to my closet. This is the outfit I put together.


I was really excited because I found another floral top and I mixed some things together that I normally wouldn’t do. That mustard cardigan is a jewel, yet I have only worn it once {because I was saving it for something special}. The blue floral blouse was inspired by chambray. I added the little statement type necklace and some denim trousers. Yes, those are the ones from the 20×30 winter remix at GTR. I really love those trousers and just re-dyed them again this weekend {used packet dye this time – denim blue + black}. I’m so thrilled with the color! So, today I actually loved my outfit and finally felt pretty and put together. I took a little risk and did something different and it paid off. Risk? What did I do differently? Ok, well not too risky but I wore a blouse and cardigan which I normally don’t do but rather wear cami type tops with cardigans. I’m glad I stepped outside my box and wore the blouse and cardigan because I found it to be complimentary and comfortable. A definite do again. Differently? I looked for something to inspire me. I had a ton of ideas when I stepped into my closet and it was easy to put something together that I truly liked.

One little thing I figured out about my wardrobe is that quite a few pieces of clothing really just don’t fit very well. I guess I just don’t like my clothes to hug my body closely and therefore many things {pants in particular} are somewhat baggy. Well, bad fit makes me look frumpy and then I feel frumpy and not pretty. I think this fit issue is one issue with my wardrobe. It has simply fed my dissatisfaction which has led to continual shopping. Always trying to find that perfect fitting elusive item. I’m kinda excited because I think this is a little breakthrough!

If this day wasn’t sweet enough for me, it only got better when I arrived at home after work and the gym. I had a couple of boxes waiting for me. They were from my daughter. One box was coffee {thanks, Starbucks}! The other was a box with my March surprises. My daughter who lives FAR away {like 2,000 miles far} decided to participate with me in the no shopping challenge. Now, for us that is a big deal because when she was in high school we rarely missed What Not To Wear or a shopping excursion together. She has a great sense of style and creativity. I have always been the basics person and she was has been the patterns and colors girl. So, she came up with FABULOUS idea that we do a clothes swap each month. We exchange 2-3 items + an accessory with each other. Today the surprise arrived. SCORE!! She is amazing – like reading my mind AMAZING {I love her lots, btw}! I was thinking I would like to experiment with some stripes, but I don’t really have anything with stripes. What did she send? Stripes, polka dots, lace, and an orange/coral color scarf. Perfect! I can’t wait do a little mixing. Here’s what she sent.


If you want to see how I style them, then stop by on Tuesday and check out Tuesday Trades. Tomorrow I’m going to link up here for What I Wore Wednesday. Should be fun. Link up!

One more thing, I will be posting about the no shopping challenge because some really interesting things have been happening. Stay tuned!

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