7+1 x 7 Little Opportunity Reminder!

It starts tomorrow! The 7+1 x 7 little opportunity to test the waters and remix some of your clothes is almost here. I have finally chosen my pieces. Actually, I really struggled to decide. In the end I chose two (2) trousers (one denim + one brown), three (3) tops and three (3) cardigans. If you’re joining in with this, be encouraged because shoes and accessories can be freebies. For me, that’s important to give me a few more choices as I’m learning to reduce my wardrobe and not shop at the same time.

Here’s what I’m wearing starting tomorrow.

Are you thinking that I have trouble counting? Well, as I was typing this post I realized I had miscounted. 🙂 The picture of all the pieces were my original picks but I thought maybe I should have three cardigans because the weather is going to be a little cooler than I anticipated. Bottom line is I’m set on the black and purple cardigans, so if I do add one it will be the winter white or beige. I’ll remove one of those tops so the total comes out to (8) total. Big decisions to make before I get dressed for church in the morning. And yes, I also noticed that I chose multiple polka-dot tops. Who knew I even owned that many? Oh, well a polka-dot week it will be. Worse things could happen I suppose!

A couple of notes to consider if you’re joining in:

–Challenge yourself to see how many outfits you can come up with using those eight pieces. You’ll be surprised at how versatile those few pieces can become when you spend a little time mixing things up.

–You are welcome to post a picture of what you wore each day on your Facebook timeline and share it on A Lovely Little Wardrobe Facebook Page. At the end of the week there will be a link on the blog (alovelylittlewardrobe.com) for you to share what you wore during the week.

–You can post on Instagram and use the hashtag #alovelylittlewardrobe.

–You can pin to my Pinterest board A Lovely Little Wardrobe.

If you’re joining in, please invite and encourage your friends to do this with you.

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