a little opportunity – 7+1 x 7 remix

Who wants to join me for a first little opportunity to remix your wardrobe? It will be fun and you’ll definitely learn something along the way. Let’s start small! Here’s the details:

  • 7 days {February 23 – March 1}
  • pick 7 items of clothing from your closet + 1 bonus item
  • remix them together to create a different outfit for 7 days
  • challenge yourself to make more than 7 different outfits if you can
  • take a picture and post on the fb page {A Lovely Little Wardrobe}
  • at the end of the week, link them to the blog alovelylittlewardrobe.com

Are you interested? Here’s some inspiration for you:

Putting Me Together – Audrey’s 7×7 remix

Greater Than Rubies – Caitlin’s remixes will leave you totally inspired

There is more inspiration from fashion/stylist bloggers on the sidebar of my blog. You can link to their pages and also check out their pins at Pinterest.

Are you in? Grab a friend and let’s do this together!

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